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"Global Online Business" Service to Increase Brand Revenue RELAKET Premium

Relaket Premium is designed to expand its brand, global expansion and breakthrough sales.
We provide global sales agency service and technical support service based on partnership.

  • Global store offer
  • Global market sales agency
  • Influencer marketing
  • Technical and Maintenance Support

For the success of the brand is global e-commerce 2 Track Strategy

Opportunities and interests are increasing as the global e-commerce market expands.
To this end, we provide a two-track strategy of business distribution and technology efficiency.

  • IT capacity:
    Global construction operation
  • Global content
  • Digital marketing
  • Market Channel Expansion
Business distribution strategy
  • Expanding Global Sales Channels
  • Global digital marketing
  • Global sales representative input
Business expansion
Technology efficiency strategy
  • Global Store + Market Channel
  • Provide integrated order management system
  • Providing cloud infrastructure and technical service

Relaket Premium Customer Type

  • Global business expansion Fashion Brand Businesses

    We will try to challenge the global business based on domestic proven brand capability.
  • Expand your sales channel Distribution companies

    To increase sales channels
    We want to increase workforce efficiency.
  • Direct sales and distribution start Manufacturing industry

    We will start a new business based on manufacturing capabilities from B2C to global.
Lack of IT capability to expand globally,
Or did you hesitate to challenge because you didn't know the approach?

Relaket Premium is based on partnership
It is a win-win solution that minimizes costs and maximizes sales .

With global e-commerce experience and technology Global e-commerce solutions

We share our capabilities and succeed with our customers.
Relaket Premium is a low cost, high efficiency global e-commerce solution.

  • Revenue sharing
    Zero initial build costs Win-win
  • 14 years ecommerce specialty
    Development build experience Technical capability
  • Global sales specialist
    possesion Sales capacity
  • Digital marketing, MCN
    Global network Network capacity

In one product registration or linkage Vertical Global Channel Sales

Through vertical integration channels such as technology-based global store production, global market channel sales, and influencer marketing support
Our sales service opens up new revenue opportunities for you.

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Distribution and sales agency

  • Global store
    • Multilingual / Exchange Rates / Overseas Payment
    • Affiliate marketing
    • International shipping, logistics connection
  • Global Market Channel
    • Domestic market linkage sale
    • Overseas Market Linkage Sales
  • Influencers
    Marketing support
    • Foreign Residents in Korea
    • Overseas Influencer Group
    • MCN Alliance

Technical Support, Consulting, IT Operation Support

Driving overseas sales through RELAKET premium NANING9 | JULL-LOG

Operate global store through Nanning / Jullog brand position / trust agreement
We are actively collaborating for overseas expansion by carrying out overseas sales agency.

Global store implementation

The entire multilingual store has been implemented through the release of the Relaket premium, and smooth product registration, exhibition management, and order processing are being carried out by linking with the existing system.

Overseas Affiliate Channel Sales

It is linked to 12 overseas markets such as Lazada, Shoppi, and Kyuten as a Relaket Premium.

Overseas Specialized Functions

Applying membership grades, reserves, and coupons to overseas customers We support marketing for international influencers and multilingual content management.

Contact Service


Collection and Use of Personal Information


Please read the following information on the collection and use of personal information carefully before deciding whether to consent.

Purpose of collecting and using personal information

Provide answers to customer inquiries and manage status

Items of personal information collected

Required information: company name, contact person name, contact information (phone number), email

Retention and Use Period of Collected Personal Information

After consent to the collection and use of personal information, the information will be kept until the consultation process using the information is terminated, and then destroyed.

You may not agree to the collection and use of personal information as above.

If you do not agree, contact us may be limited.



Multilanguage / Exchange Rates / Overseas Payment / Overseas Logistics Shipping Global optimization store offer

We provide optimized store features for global consumers.
Customization, operational support and consulting for custom services are also provided.

  • Multilingual Translation, Overseas Payment, Overseas Shipping, etc. Global Sales
  • Customized functions, design changes, interworking with existing systems customizing
  • Store setting, event handling, marketing plan, etc. Operation support and consulting

Through integrated order management system Global Market Channel Sales

Customers' products are registered and sold simultaneously in 35 domestic and overseas affiliate channels.
We are continuously expanding our sales channels to China, Russia and Japan.

  • Domestic Market Channel
  • Overseas Market Channel

Based on voluntary product sharing Influencer marketing service

MGM marketing service using individual member or SNS channel of micro influencer
Drive purchase conversions with a variety of marketing campaigns and precise targeting.

To secure online competitiveness Reliable Technology Partner

To expand global business and enhance online competitiveness
We support high quality technical services quickly and quickly.

  • Product Information

    2 Type Product Information Management
    • ·Domestic shopping mall, general type
    • ·Overseas Shopping Mall, Global Type
    • ·Select type according to linked market
  • contents

    Photo content management
    • ·Provide product photo management framework
    • ·Photo download sharing function
    • ·Lookbook Connection
  • Language management

    • ·Multilingual Substitution Code Management
    • ·Infinite expansion of Korea / English / China / Japan
    • ·Translation API linkage
  • consulting

    Technical Cooperation / Consulting
    • ·Additional Market Integration
    • ·Improve work efficiency
    • ·Data analysis

Reduce costs by improving work efficiency and improve business structure to respond quickly to new opportunities

Complementary division of work Close One Team Play

Product content preparation, branding strategy, and product registration are conducted by customers,
Relaket Premium is responsible for global channel sales, settlement and technical support.

  • Content Creation, Branding, Marketing customer
  • Product registration, overseas linkage Client & Relaket Premium
  • Global sales progress, settlement RELAKET Premium